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Put simply, spiritual healing is about restoring the balance of a person’s body, mind and spirit. I believe the way to do this is to offer comfort, nurturing and support through the act of giving spiritual healing. I invite a client to sit quietly and encourage them gently to allow their body to soften and relax through following the breath. Then they have nothing to do except sit and receive! Hopefully the session will ‘kick-start’ their self-healing mechanism, and most people say they feel a sense of peace. 

Through the work I do with yoga and healing, I have come to believe that wellbeing is all about restoring the balance of energies that flow both in and around our bodies. Often when we feel tired and sluggish it isn’t that we haven’t got enough energy, it’s that somehow – usually through tension - we have blocked our energy flow. Healing restores this energetic balance and creates wellbeing and a sense of wholeness. What is Spiritual Healing?
Healing for the Human Spirit