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Suayoga Suay has been interested in yoga for over 30 years and now teaches in the Worthing area. When asked what motivates her to teach yoga, she responded: "to share with others the wonder of yoga that I have personally found to be of enormous benefit; to do something worthwhile that I really enjoy; to fulfil a long held dream - and to have fun! ".

Healing is a important part of Suay's life. Healing to her is offering support, comfort and nurturing and she "has that in mind whether giving one-to-one yoga therapy, hands on healing or teaching yoga to a class". Suay is a qualified yoga teacher, as well as a Full Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.

She holds a certificate from the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 'Working With People With Cancer', as well as Part 1 of the Yoga for Health Foundation, Remedial Yoga Teacher qualification. Welcome to Suayoga - • Day and Evening Yoga Classes available
• One to One Yoga Therapy
• Spiritual Healing 
• Yoga & Relaxation Workshops
• Meditation & Relaxation Groups