What is Yoga?
yoga When people talk about ‘yoga’ they are generally referring to the physical postures we call ‘asanas’. But yoga is about so much more! Through practising yoga techniques of pranayama (breathing practices) and  meditation as well as asanas, we create balance and harmony in our bodies. Yoga is a complete system of physical, mental and spiritual development techniques. Central to our yoga practice is awareness: awareness of our breath, our minds and our bodies. The word yoga actually means union: union of mind, body and spirit. 

In yoga we always work with the breath – co-ordinating our movements with our breath. As we breathe in we take in ‘prana’, which is the Sanskrit word for life force energy. The ‘Energy of Life’ that is in all things. 

Hatha Yoga is the general name for all aspects of yoga – the aim being to unify the two energies in the body of ha (left) and tha (right) i.e. sun and moon. Ideally our yoga practice should consist of ‘kriya’ (cleansing practices), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques)’dhyana’ (meditation) and deep relaxation. Yoga has many benefits. It can help you to: regain or maintain suppleness of joints and muscles; build bone density; develop concentration skills; relax; balance mind, body and spirit AND it leaves you feeling energised and rejeuvenated at the same time! It is important to be focused before starting to practice yoga. The more focused you are, the more benefits you will gain from your efforts. Yoga is mindfulness: acting in such a way that all our attention is directed towards the activity in which we are currently engaged.
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